• Meet the ​new expectations of your employees to strengthen their commitment over time​

    Our themes: purpose, worklife balance, burnout prevention, diversity and gender, parenthood, carers


    Thanks to our 360° approach : diagnose the needs of your employees, train your managers, make your employees actors of their professional development, & support inclusion

  • + More than 1,300 employees supported

  • In a ever changing working world, you want to take care of your talents, retain them, while increasing their performances?

    You are in the right place! 


    Our goal : to attract and retain your talent by creating healthy and exciting work environments !

    Diagnose your company's needs

    💡You want to start a process in favor of work balance, diversity or taking into account singularities (parents, carers; disabilities, ... ) but you do not know where to start.​


    🎯 Thanks to our barometers, you will be able to obtain a precise picture of your company's situation and its specific needs, while at the same time starting to involve your employees in the process. This barometer can be completed by qualitative interviews​.

    Train your managers and equip them

    💡 Achieving objectives, developing skills, taking care of employees to prevent psychosocial risks, creating a team spirit, integrating specific employee needs (parenthood, carers), and remaining open to diversity, that's a lot for one single man/ woman !

    And yet you know that the role of managers is key in transmitting the culture of your company, and therefore in retaining your talent.


    🎯 We propose to support your mangers through our training "The Manager of Tomorrow", our reference tools available over time (such as best practice guides) and our conferences

    Make your employees actors of their professional development

    💡 You want to make your employees active players in the management of their career and their mental health by giving them the keys that they can activate when needed.


    🎯 We offer training courses via digital resources and individual or group workshops. For example : manage your emotions and stress with neuroscience, manage your energy over time, open your field of possibilities, dare to dream big, communicate with assertiveness, ...

    Support inclusion

    💡You want to create more inclusive work environments and support your employees in the key stages of their lives, with a view to well-being and retention.


    🎯 We offer support dedicated to parenthood (maternity/paternity leave, career and parenthood, everyday parenthood), to caregivers, to the promotion of women's careers


    Founder​ & trainer


    Graduated from NEOMA, Marie-Charlotte has 12 years of experience in innovation and management in large groups. Passionate about purpose at work, balance, gender equality, and parenthood at work, Marie-Charlotte co-constructs and leads training sessions that respond to the future of the workplace, for the happiness of employees and their companies.


    Management & Balance


    Graduated from EM Lyon, Alice has 12 years of experience in the service of companies: as HR, then in a consulting firm in change management, then as a coach and trainer. Her mission: to help managers and employees to better live their professional lives through group and individual coaching and training. Alice works in English and French.


    Equality between women and men

    With a Master's degree in law, Caroline has accompanied the employees of a large publishing company for 7 years as an HR specialist. She has been a certified coach and trainer for 3 years and her mission is to accompany people in the deployment of their full potential, by activating their audacity and releasing their creativity... Committed to the promotion of gender equality,


    Burnout Prevention 


    Graduated from the Institute of Neurobiology, Camille has a PhD in neuroscience. She then worked as a research fellow for 4 years at the Brain Institute of the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris. She is also trained in different techniques such as Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies and Yogatherapy. Her expertise: emotion management and burn-out prevention.




    Jessica is a childcare nurse and IBCLC lactation consultant, with more than 15 years of experience in neonatology, PMI, nursery and maternity. Her great passion: the field of perinatal care: listening to the needs of children, a return to proximal mothering and a more physiological support.


  • "The "Worklife Balance " training is a breath of fresh air, a chance to take a step back and open up to alternative solutions for finding a balance"

    Collaborator Heetch

    The "Maternity/Paternity Leave" program is reassuring and of very good advice! It's a pragmatic approach to getting back to work peacefully."

    Collaborator Strapi

    "In our mentoring program, I liked the themes (short but effective) / the varied methods (exchanges, quizzes, inputs, videos etc). It's a beautiful way to take a break in time to reflect and get moving."

    Collaborator Sogelink

    "Excellent feedback from participants in the webinar "Career and Parenthood: how to keep dreaming big?""

    Xavier Molinie, VP RH Critizr

    "Following the "Manage your energy over time" workshop, I came away with concrete actions to put in place and the desire to move forward with the small steps method"

    Collaborator Wemanity


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